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okay so I know this is a tall ask but who would be with me if I said WG should consider a new game mode that will be open to those with arpeggio ships, it is possible that in this mode all the fog fleet ships will have their weaponry from the anime series in tact however in this mode it will only be for Arpeggio of blue steel ships. The "Arpeggio Mode" will be an option that can be selected from the Co-Op, Random, Ranked and Team battles menu situated where Training room would normally be if it were put into the game once selected only the Arpeggio ships that you have earned via the missions will show in your port slots, once you have chosen your ship and click battle you will be placed in a regular map but your ship will have all the fog fleet weaponry from the anime series in tact however these characteristics will be only available to the "Arpeggio Mode" so when you use your Arpeggio ships in regular battles they will have the same characteristics as they do now only the voice and skin I myself would really like to see this mode so that they could possibly add the I-401 submarine into the game but unlike the Arpeggio battleships the I-401 and her sisters I-400 and I-402 can only be used in "Arpeggio Mode" not in regular gameplay as I know that many people would hate for submarines to be in a warship game so that is why I have only suggested that they be available to the specific game mode.

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