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Detonation in co-op

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Last night, I give co-op a try

I sailed with my hatsuharu

an AI enemy kiev rushed towards our fleet at the beginning

I opened fire, landing several rounds on him

our AI concentrated on him that the kiev lose 90% hp within a few seconds


then the kiev did his last resort, 4 130mm shells towards me

then my hatsu exploded

12100 damage


can you imagine my feeling at that moment?

It really hurts

and I feel even worse than detonation in pvp

being one shot by an AI is already an big insultation

but here, I can't even get the reassure reward(the 100% no detonation flag)

and you know what?

the 2 living teammates reported me!!


I think either the detonation reward should cover the co-op mode or detonation of ship should be removed in co-op

sometimes people suffering from bad luck or RNG or what, would play PvE for reassuring themselves

I don't think detonation in PvE would make the game any better

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