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PSA: You can't install a fresh copy of WoWs ASIA using official internet installer?

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This has something to do with some Downloader as you really cant get anything done using official launcher at all.


 Make a look into WoWSLauncher.log, you can see at some last line of the log, Error 408 Request timeout happened alot.


This is because dl-wows-ak.wargaming.net/asia/patches/ is unreachable for some reason but dl-wows-gc.wargaming.net/asia/patches/ can be reached




 That's an outdated WoWSLauncher.cfg . It keeps telling you that your content is up2date but there's nothing inside res_packages. etc


Now, we solve it this way


First, we get the updated WoWSLauncher.cfg and replace your WoWSLauncher.cfg with this (only apply to those who try to fresh install but fail)


 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<info version="3.1">
    <stats_service_url> http://wgusst-asia.wargaming.net </stats_service_url>
        <item> http://update.worldofwarships.asia </item>


The part that causes your "content" is always update no matter what is <content_ver> in the original internet installer, it's <sdcontent_ver> in the updated


Now, fun fact, you cant get (download) anything out of dl-wows-ak.wargaming.net/asia/patches/ so what I can do?


1. Click these links


Launcher: http://update.worldofwarships.asia/?protocol_ver=4&install_id=lol&target=launcher&launcher_ver=&client_ver=0&locale_ver=0&sdcontent_ver=0&lang=en


Client: http://update.worldofwarships.asia/?protocol_ver=4&install_id=lol&target=client&launcher_ver=&client_ver=0&locale_ver=0&sdcontent_ver=0&lang=en


Locale: http://update.worldofwarships.asia/?protocol_ver=4&install_id=lol&target=locale&launcher_ver=&client_ver=0&locale_ver=0&sdcontent_ver=0&lang=en


SDcontent: http://update.worldofwarships.asia/?protocol_ver=4&install_id=lol&target=sdcontent&launcher_ver=&client_ver=0&locale_ver=0&sdcontent_ver=0&lang=en




these will return a xml to you, find and download all those links start with dl-wows-gc (.torrent files dont count) and save it to Updates folder inside where WoWs ASIA client stays, it can turn out to be a 7z file but we will deal with it later by renaming its extension (.7z) to .wgpkg


After all those files are downloaded and renamed properly, now turn on the launcher and let it do the rest (unpack files) for you.


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