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Login Server Connectivity Issues -- Game Servers Still Fine

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I'm assuming the actual game servers are at a whole separate location from the login server because it's the only way I can explain this behavior that started two days ago.


I often just can't log in anymore, telling me "Unknown Error" or just not telling me anything at all before dropping the attempt to get into the port screen. But If I persist, I will eventually get in and tool around in port normally. However, when I queue up and eventually get selected for a match (going by the telltale loading icon), one out of five times I will be spit back into the login screen. It then won't let me log back in, giving me the same "Unknown Error" (or none) as before. But again, if I persist, within 2-3 minutes of continuing to pressing that login button, I'll be able to get into the match. Late, but at least I get to play. No lag during gameplay, no dropped connections. Everything is fine. But when the match finishes, one out of five times it doesn't go back to port and again I get sent back to the login screen to do that same old dance.


So to recap: It's hard for me to log in, and I can get dropped in the queue, but once in a match everything is fine, until the match is over and I have a chance of being dropped again


That was yesterday.


Today, it's somehow gotten worse -- instead of one out of every five MM queues, it happened every other time. I just really want to play the game so I kept going in anyway. Once the game finishes, I automatically get dropped back to login again, rather than seeing the score tally. And this is the part that *really* has me convinced that it's the login server (or whatever runs the port): In the middle of a match where I've died early, I noticed that if I exit to port, nothing happens and I remain a spectator for a pretty long time. The game still runs, the ping is still good, I can see all the action, and nothing is amiss. I just don't exit to port. Then BAM, login screen. I'm assuming it's because it's trying to get to port, but since it can't, it keeps me in the match until it gives up and just drops me.


Is this something that sounds familiar, can be resolved? It started after some kind of minor localization patch (30kb i think), but it wouldn't make sense for that to be the culprit. I guess that's another thing -- the patch server is completely fine in addition to the match servers. I'm connecting from Abu Dhabi. I've never had problems before in the 4 months I've been playing WoWs Asia from here.

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Hi marty4286,


Do a traceroute and send in the results to Support.

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