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Okay Wargaming.net what is your deal you have had so many complaints about this and its still not fixed I hate it when I'm in a battle having a 1v1 with another BB at close range too, we're running rings around each other thats how close we are then all of a sudden I can't see the enemy ship its beyond me why at ranges from 2.3km to 6.7km can I not see this ship I can see a 2 ton BMW car in real life from 5.5kms away on a straight road yet I can't see a 60,000 ton 12 story high 700 foot long behemoth from 6.7kms away? I wonder why then to have the cheek that I can't see the enemy even when he/she fires at point blank range I can't fire back because I don't know where the enemy is. Please fix this issue I am getting really short with it there have been hundreds of other reports just like this one WG community so don't say you haven't heard of this error its not hard to fix if you can add brand new maps and make slight changes here and there every month I'm pretty sure you can squeeze some time in to fix this.


PS. The new Land of Fire map I do get that the islands we're meant to be in more of a favorable layout but um maybe for all maps we should make it so battleships spawn on the side of the map with the most open water because driving a Yamato through those compact islands after spawning- there not easy

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