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Ishizuchi-WG please some love for this poor little ship

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Now let me just be clear that I am well aware of how bad this ship is before i purchased it so it is partly my fault for purchasing this good-for-nothing.:amazed:

But all the ships i have played, Ishizuchi's experience was like Karlsburg's,:trollface: on the stats everything looks average and fine, but it is just so bad.

Several things made this ships the worst of them all:

1. Bad accuracy, myogi style :look:

2. low range-12.9km

3. Low pen because 305mm

4. Shell arc STRAIGHT OUTTA cleverland:red_button:

5. like all premium t4 ships no AA

6. The small boats hang around its side reduced 3rd turrent firing arc a lot.


Good things are that it at least have decent speed and turning arc:)

and also, 25 second reload of main guns:playing:


but these two pros just doesnt compensate for the cons. Try hitting anything at or more than 10km you have to use cleverland instinct, bad accuracy further reduces your chance of hitting anything, bad pen means AP is no go, so this poor thing have to act like a HE spamming cruiser but in practice does a worser job than the St louis.


this poor thing is so underpowered, much like a BB version of the Karlsburg. 




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I've taken the liberty of including my stats with the Ishi so you know I'm not talking out of my arse before I start. I'm not a special talent, just an average Joe, but I genuinely like the ship and play to its strengths.

Regarding your points.

1. Yes, the accuracy is bad, but it has 10 guns and you can bring most of them to bear whilst only being moderately angled. More accuracy would put it at risk of being too uber.
2. The short range is annoying but that's why it's fast. Your enemies will have a hard time causing you serious damage front on and you bridge the gap quickly, especially if you use the terrain right. Plus the accuracy at range is terrible; it's important to remember this is a Battlecruiser, not a Battleship, hence it has weak side armour but good speed and a fast reload. You need to be close to be effective.
3. AP is only for cruisers. HE the shit out of everything else. It's got a 35% fire rating, after all.
4. Considering you should be close, shell arc shouldn't trouble you.
5. The AA is awful, totally agree on this point. Get a mate in a Yubari if you can because Hoshos will love you.
6. Would be nice if it could keep up with the other guns, sure.



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