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Tanking for Teammates

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It would seem the general design goal of this game is for Battleships and Cruisers to work closely together. Battleships provide the big guns and heavy armour, while Cruisers provide fires engagement flexibility and protection from Carriers and Destroyers. So imagine this scenario... Battleship boldly pushes a flank (please suspend disbelief for a moment) with Cruiser ally sticking close by, when suddenly they encounter an enemy Battleship. Which of the following is most likely to occur:


A - The two Battleships engage each other in a titanic duel while our friendly Cruiser uses fires engagement flexibility to cripple the wicked Red enemy and secure a decisive victory.


B - The enemy Battleship one-shots the Cruiser and then the two Battleships engage each other in a titanic duel with no clear advantage for either side.


Option A is what the designers obviously had in mind. Option B is what actually happens when the enemy Battleship isn't a clown shoe. So what to do? How do we make it appealing for Cruisers to provide valuable escort services while also being able to benefit from the Battleship's tanking capability?


My solution - which is not well thought-through yet by any means - is to use an existing game mechanic: Dispersion. Similarly to camouflage, Battleships will project an aura of negative dispersion around themselves which only affects friendly Cruisers. For example, let's say this aura has a 3 kilometre radius and provides a -30% penalty to enemy dispersion. Any friendly Cruiser within 3km of their Battleship teammate will be harder to hit, and much harder to land a devastating one-shot on, making them a significantly less attractive target for enemy Battleships. Perhaps have this dispersion effect only affect enemy Battleships, so Cruisers can still engage each other without penalty.


Such a mechanic might also encourage Battleships to be more aggressive. Well, I can dream, right?


What do you think? Could this be made to work?


Duplicate post. Thread locked, user warned.




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