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Big guns, small holes

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I'm just wondering who else owns a Warspite, and if they experience the same lack of citadels that I'm experiencing. 


For a ship with the biggest guns in her tier, and decent accuracy, I'm starting to doubt if she could punch through a Chester at 2km. She will consistently do solid damage, but when you get in closer and need to deliver a big hit- it just won't happen. 


Scoring citadels in other ships is easier when aiming at the same spots, so it is the ship- not the driver. 


Also out of curiosity, what upgrades did you do on her? And what are the best signals to use? 

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Big guns = more penetration power = higher chance to overpen

You might want to try aiming even lower than what you used to be and get underwater citadel


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With great guns comes great overpenetrations. It's pretty normal, really.


As for upgrades, I use :

- Main armaments mod 1

- Aiming systems mod 1 (iirc, kinda forgot about this one)

- Damage control system mod 1

- Steering gears mod 2


For captain skill, I'm using standard battleship build : BoS, EM, Superintendent + Vigilance, AFT.


For signals : India Delta, India Yankee, and November Foxtrot. The one that reduces flooding duration is also viable, but I forgot the name.

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I seem to get a lot of citadel hits closer to the 'spites maximum ranges ie 12-16km. I think thats about where you get the best value in terms of accuracy and penetrating power.

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Indeed I do find the ship scoring regular pen more but less citadel than even guns of lower caliber.

It's probably because of lower pen despite caliber (can't pen citadel, but less likely to overpen) but the big caliber means it can overmatch quite a number of spots so less bounces.


Just my personal observation though.


AS for skills, go for regular BB setup:

-Basic Survivalbility,

-Expert Marksman,

-Vigilance + Super Intendent,

-Advanced Firing Training,

-Last skill you could get Concealment or Jack of All Trade; don't bother with Manual 2ndary control because the buff at tier6 is not good enough to justify 5 points.



- Main armament mod.1 (so your main guns don't break as much).

- Aiming system mod.1 (just my personal preference, since the ship's AA is not good enough even with the module. The turret is slow but you can make it up with skill. Secondaries is still questionable, you're better off playing a Bayern or German BB if you like secondaries)

-Damage Control mod.1 and 2. The ship is nimble enough, but it takes alot of damage from all kind so any bit of help is nice.

- Lastly, don't forget premium Damage Control and Repair Consumables, they are prettymuch must have. Spotter plane is optional.


Flags you can use ones that boost your Heal and Fire resistance.

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