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Should WG do sth. agaist deliberate TKer?

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Not only get noobed, this Team Killer is good at tking ,he/she wont end your life ,just a little HP left to avoid go pink.

"[redacted]" was playing mahan , he/she launch torps under my fuso belly. I ate 6 of those TK torps.

When the battle is entering climax, it is reasonable for people getting nervous to forget checking there are any teammates in torps range.

At first, I was thinking "[redacted]" is making mistake, it seems i thought in the wrong way as "[redacted]" keep silence, so i confront him/her. Maybe apologize is too greedy, '[redacted]" even not gonna explain anything.

WG should you do something to these kind of deliberate team killing?


Naming and shaming. Post edited, user warned.


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The TK system is already keeping track of team damage even in these instances. For further reporting, submit a replay to Customer Support outlining what happened in battle. The forum is not a place for this.


Thread locked.

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