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Daily Coop Missions, Assault Mode Missions

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Was about to suggest this, since Assault Mode isn't coming yet on this patch i may suggest some Daily Missions and Assault Missions


Suggested Daily Mission Titles and Objectives (Coop/Random)

Mission Title Objectives Prize for winning
Module incapacitator (Needs appropriate title) Incapacitate 5/10/15 Modules of an Enemy ship (Coop) 35,000 Credits
Secondary gunner Expert (needs appropriate title) Hit 50/100/150 using secondary guns on any enemy ship (Coop) 40,000 Credits
Burn baby Burn! Set 20 ships on Fire (Coop/Random)



Hard-Hitter Hit 10/25/50/100/150 with Main Battery 65,000 to 70,000 Credits


Suggested Aerial Coop Daily Missions (AA Guns, Aircraft)

Mission Title Objectives Prize for Winning
Anti-Air Warfare Shoot down 10/20/30 Enemy Aircraft ??? (Credits)
Defender Shoot down 5/10/15/20 Fighters ??? (Credits)
Surprise Attack (via Torpedo Bombers) Hit 6/12/24 Torpedoes on an Enemy  ??? (Credits)
Bombs Away!  Hit 5/10/15/20/25 Enemies with Bombs using Dive Bombers ??? (Credits)


Coop Assault Mode Missions

Mission Title Objectives Prizes for winning
Base Defender Defend 50 points of Base Capture ??? (Credits)

Ship Killer 

Kill 5/7 Enemies ??? (Credits)
Scout Detect 5/7 ships  ??? (Credits)
Bruiser Kill 8 Enemies ??? (Credits)

I think that would be all

How's it gonna be? :read_fish:

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Still waiting for Assault Coop Mode

that thing gives more EXP and money i suppose :smart_fish:


More target to shoot at = More Damage = More Exp and credits, even if just slightly

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