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Black Screen - Windows 10

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Hi all! 

Please, be informed that after the latest Windows 10 update players, who have set their client to 'Full-Screen' mode are getting 'black screen' on login screen. And the client stops responding. 

We are currently working with Microsoft to solve this issue. 

Please, inform our players about it. They should either avoid updating their system atm or set 'Windowed' or 'Full-Screen windowed mode' in their settings.

There are also two solutions for players, who have faced the issue:

Solution 1:

- open the game folder (e.g. D:\Games\World_of_Warships);

- find 'Preferences.xml' file and open it with NotePad or similar text editing software;

- find  <windowMode> line

-  Change this parameter to  <windowMode>0<windowMode> , to activate the 'Windowed' mode or to <windowMode>2<windowMode> to activate 'Full-Screen windowed mode' ; 

- close the file saving all the changes.

Solution 2:

Delete 'preferences.xml' file. WARNING! This will reset your setting to default (which include 'Windowed' mode).


Any further Qs post below





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