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strafing planes

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Well it is the most broken element in this game! i lost 2 fighter squads of fully upgraded planes(fighters) bogue, with flags and commander skills to 1 cruiser based fighter! or where ever they come from that is just F$#@ing so DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 plane 12 kills in 2 seconds sorry, i just don't see how anyone thinks this is good programing?

yes i  only have a few hundred battles but COME ON!!! look up what strafing is !!!!!!!


gerund or present participle: strafing
  1. "military aircraft strafed the village"
    attack repeatedly with bombs or machine-gun fire from low-flying aircraft.
    Not 1 plane or one squad can line up and get 12+ kills at all altitudes!!! in 2 or 3 seconds!!!!!!!!!
    please remove this stupid broken element from the game.
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You lose your planes to cruiser AA which is their strong point.

Cruiser based fighter can't strafe.


Cruiser also get ability to raise their AA power for a short time, just in case you didn't know.

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First off, you weren't strafed. Your planes got locked by a high-AA target's catapult fighters.


Second off, you are clearly unfamiliar with the mechanic and its niche in CV gameplay. It does not need to follow real life logic.


Learn Identify the mechanic in the first place, then learn it.


In short: Git gud.

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