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Begininers' Guide To BattleShips Part 2

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Hello Everyone,


Last time we talked about the general roles of the different ships in WOWS.


In this part we will talk about what I believe is the second most important and one of the most influencing effects of a battleship player.  I call this, The Sweet Spot.

What is The Sweet Spot?  Well, put simply, this is your range where you can reliably get hits on the enemy.  These hits don't have to be citidels or even penentrations.  They can be overpens, because 7 overpens at a 1,000 damange each is something any ship will pay attention to. 

How do you find The Sweet Spot?  I'm sorry to say that there is no magic number or distance that you can use to find the sweet spot.  Trail and error is the only way to find The Sweet Spot for each ship.  Now, the Sweet Spot is different for each ship.  For example, For the Myogi, I never found the Sweet Spot for this ship, I died in every battle before really finding it, it was most certanily not above 11km (RNG will make a broadside on a broadside bb miss to either side bow and aft at 12km!).  Now for the Kongo, the Sweet Spot starts at around 15km and goes to about 16.5km. What is more, is that each upgrade on the ship will also change the Sweet Spot as well.  I had the chance to try this out with my ARP Kirishima and my non-range upgraded Kongo, (everything else was top upgraded).  All the other modules were the same as well.  The Sweet Spot with my regular Kongo was shorter than my ARP Kirishima.  So remember this everytime you change something on your ship as it will effect the range of your Sweet Spot.


Now how do you stay in your Sweet Spot?

I call this, THE TURN.  THE TURN is the first turn you make after enganging the enemy.  The only advice I can give is that you must develope the feel of the battle.  How fast do you push?  Is it time to turn and keep distance or keep pushing into the enemy?  Do you turn and run or do you start the BB ballet dance of turn and counter turn?  Only experiance will let you have the feeling for this part.  You only start to learn when to make THE TURN in T5.  The range is too short in T4 and T3 to really learn this.  You have to push into brawling range to hit anything.  This will help you no matter the tier you are in after you learn this in Tier 5. 


If you any questions about my advice, drop a reply and I'll try to get back to you in a day or 3.  Day job is really time consuming.

I'll also try to update the parts once a week until all my advice is gone.


Hope our new German BB players have some good help from this!


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Can you please give few tips to maximise the effectiveness of the Wyoming?


0. Do not show broadside to enemy BB.

1. Never go anywhere that allows enemy to shoot from both sides, you need to be on one side.

2. Do not hang back at blue line, follow your teams DDs and cruisers.

3. Always take note on enemy DD and BB movement.

4. Select target wisely. Killing a target having 1k HP left is often not as important as dealing half the total HP of a cruiser who is broadside. Watch and be patient, always shoots at the target where you can deal more damage.

5. Target prioritizing. You basically target closest to farthest, based on ship class, DDs first, then cruisers, finally BBs, never chase one single ships (oh wait, Wyoming cannot chase anyway). You have so many guns, you should never miss DDs at 10 km, or cruisers at 10-12.

6. Do not show broadside to enemy BB.

7. Do not show broadside to enemy BB.

8. Do not show broadside to enemy BB.

9. Do not show broadside to enemy BB.

10: Try to help your team, specially your DDs, but deleting enemy cruisers quickly.



Do not show broadside to enemy BB.


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I believe the target prioritizing should be Cruisers, BB and DD.  (If DD is very very close or very low health in short distance, You should kill it first.)   The reasons is you cannot kill DD in short period of time due to the damage (Pretty sure you will over penetrate it) and missing shots.  You can kill Cruisers (One shot kill is possible), and BB faster than chasing the DD.  For me let DD and cruisers to deal with DD problem.  I only shoot it when 1. They are too close (i mean 5 to 6Km).  2.  It is the only target.  3. Very low health.  Else, i will target other ship.

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