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Todays let down in the premium shop

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I was dissapointed with the premium shop today, no german ships, no dunkerque, no nothing except flags, flags that only mainly have to do with XP....


I waited 2 weeks for something new, knowing that new ships were "coming soon".... but all there is is flags... XP flags not speed or accuracy or any useful flags


I would be even happy if the Albany was in the shop, as i want an albany......


or if they are waiting for events in germany to release the BBs (or scharnhorst) i would be very happy to get dunkerque, as she is already on the chinese server so i hear.....


but after waiting for saipan to go, then the great eight (which i already have except the DD which i dont want), we get XP flags.....


Please WG, if you dont want to release the german ships yet, or the premium german ships, please release the Albany, or the Dunkerque.... or anything except for the same old DDs or FLAGS !!


Back to playing my OP ships....


which will it be this week??





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just another rant over not having the DE BB on sale.

Thread closed. next time use the search function.


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