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So many players

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Had a shocker of a night tonight, just couldn't hit a thing and got totaled within minutes every battle. In the low tiers this never happens..all a bit weird really (I got good)


But anyway no one notices these things..no one knows me and no one cares for sure just as I only remember around 20 players but wouldn't know how they got on in the game unless they got 1st-ish in the team score.


I can't name but there are a few if I see on my team I know we are going to do ok, I don't remember anyone except those that do harm, he/she will make my list of "watch them" It's a short list and I'm sure I'd be on some tier 7-8 list of..
"This guy is just hopeless for the team"


I'm so enjoying the DD's these days, I'll go with them (move forward) to protect them best one can and continually getting 2 of them before death happens..tonight was just huge fun we were getting like 6 DD's and 4 cruisers at a time..Torps everywhere ..just a blast , apart from dieing quickly the fun factor was very high.


Thanks wow for another great nights entertainment. More fun than the club or assisted endorphins anyday.


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