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Gneisenau Upgraded Hull

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Here's some screenshots of the upgraded Gneisenau, sister ship of Scharnhorst. There are some interesting differences between the two ships.




The most obvious difference are the gun turrets, both main and secondary. Personally, I think the dual-gun turrets really suit the overall design. The secondary turrets aren't particularly nice themselves, but their uniformity gives her a somewhat different vibe than Scharnhorst or Tirpitz (or Bismarck). Looks more... purposeful, I think.


(I'll spoiler the rest of the images)



The superstructure right behind the main turret (the conning tower?) differs from Scharnhorst, which has a simpler design with no overhang. It's a subtle difference, but I like this one better.




Gneisenau's aft mast is mounted to the funnel, rather than the aft superstructure. This alters the profile of the vessel and gives it a more even, balanced appearance. Secondly, she has two large, rather menacing-looking cranes, poised to rip apart any enemy ships that stray too close. Most likely. Lastly, the catapult hanger. This just looks bad. It's a jagged, gaping hole in an otherwise beautiful hull. Cover it up. Please. Put a canvas sheet over it until the plane needs to launch. Then cover it up again.





Rear view. No differences to report here. She's just so pretty.



While this isn't exactly the historical Gneisenau, I'm really looking forward to trying her out. Like a Tier 7 battleship version of Aoba, I think the combination of speed and frontally-concentrated firepower will work well in this game, with a nice reload to offset the lack of gun barrels. How she compares to her sister I'm keen to find out.

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Well... this is already assuming this is her 1941 hull at stock and the projected 1944-45 hull when she got hurt hard during the Channel Dash.


Actually, I like the hollow slingshot tbh, it gives the battleship a unique appearance and at least its not boxy compared to Warspite's first refit which is the current Warspite.

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anyone else sick of the hype??



can we just have them already.

i've never seen a company drag out it's news as much as WG does.

it's getting tedious


More like the fanbase are getting overhype themself (datamined)

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