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Do you know what really rustles my jimmes?

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While my account got banned, WG sent me a email asking me for feedback.


feedback:angry:? Seriously? Aint no one gonna do that.


Yes, maybe WG takes account trading seriously, but BANNING someone JUST because a SCREENSHOT :sceptic:of in-game chat is NOT ENOUGH .


WG takes a few hours to ban me:fishpalm:

And my support ticket is nowhere to be answered after several days:hmm:


Things that I have lost during these days:

Premium time that I have bought

WG anniversary specials and in game gifts

Hours of fun with friends


I demand the repayment of my losses:red_button:


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Firstly, a WG employee was in that battle, so we have chat logs, screenshots and replays - and yes, as you found out, WG does take it very seriously, even if you are joking.


Since this thread is just another rant about you being banned, it is now closed. If you have a problem with your account, take it up with WG, not here

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