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AA rework

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First of all, for my idea to work CV need to get a buff(make it strong like that old time)

back to the topic

as we all know AA shoot down plan at different range but why not make that range effect AA too by making all AA cause a spread on plan and effect by range and AA rating for example if plan go right on top of the montana it's going to spread a lot (84% spread because montana have 84 AA rating) but if you stay at montana max AA range it's going to spread a little bit (like 1-2% spread) but if you go to yamato it going to spread a lot but not as much as montana.


and someone probably say "IT'S A CV NERF" and i say it's kinda yes but it feel like air raid in this game is too easy like how can torpedo bomber fly so close (and close i mean too close to dodge) and drop a torpedo without any panic(and spread) so we need a "CV BUFF" and air raid going to be enjoyable (and also a challenge for some CV player especially for those cheap CV player).

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