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I want DeadmenWalking and anyone who came to last years Adelaide WG gathering to testify for me!

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Other moderators please do not lock this topic. I need DeadmanWalking to see this. He knows me.

I got banned.

Refer to this


and this


First off all, how can you ban one player because the only 'evidence' there is someonw else posted an scrrenshot of saying' i bought the account???

COuld I also go the cops showing them a video of my friend saying 'I killed someone' and get him jailed????


Well the thing is I can perfectly prove that I am the account holder. I even have pictures taken from last years WG gathering

Remember the guy who brought along his woodern cleverland?

Well, and I, am the only asian who came to the adelaide gathering who is Not a member of WG (another asian came but i am pretty sure he is a worker form WG asia)

And I am the youngest, 16. You can see me if u go to youtube the WG gatherings video at the end there is a group picture with everyone. I will not post the pic here but i am the asian wearing the dark blue t shirt.

If need I can post myself with the login screen in which my account got blocked permanently. 

I want justice. It is unfair banning someone who spend like 400 bucks in a game only to get banned 



Disputing Mod/GM/Admin decisions. Thread locked, user warned.



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cleveland? isnt that an atlanta?




I hope you do get your problem soved and account recovered... You technically did not violate any rules so you should get it back

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Regardless of other interactions, the open forums is not the place to bring banning issues.

As advised, the only recourse is through support.

If you have further queries, PM one of the moderators for assistance.



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