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stuttering upon zooming in

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Hi all.


After updated to 0.5.9, I noticed something: when I use the binocular view (zoomed in), the ship within the view will be like stuttered (that is it seemed like it was stationary for split second with the smoke going up straight, then it moves, smoke towards the back, the seemed like stopping for another split second, end up the smoke looks like a letter "z")


It has been quite frequently occurred yesterday and today.


It might be my Desktop hardware not really up to par, but it was not as frequent or noticeable in earlier versions.


Or was it just my Data got fragmented post update? :amazed:


PS: sorry I don't have a screen shot for this


Thank you



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I am having the same problem, sometimes the enemy ship in the bino view just freeze as though it's not moving, even when it is visibly trailing smoke, then the next moment, the same ship jump ahead. It look like an lag issue

but I double check my pings and fps and everything was fine 

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