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Bug with not receiving Solo Warrior medal

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Issue: No solo warrior medal awarded on 0.5.9

Screenshots: I provided screenshot from all 4 result below, no replay unfortunately
Ship: Mutsuki
Map: Two Brothers
Occurrences:  Only happen once so far 
Tested: Cannot produce another condition for Solo Warrior that often...
Severity: Not impacting game play of course, just annoyances. Felt like stripped off of my supposed trophy.
Details:  Been playing Mutsuki when I ends up 1 vs 4 (last player left on team vs 4 player left on enemy team) on Two Brother. There's even the sound of "You are our last hope" you heard when you are the last ship left. Manage to cap enemy base right just before they can cap our base so we ends up winning by a hair's breadth. But when the battle ends i did not receive the Solo Warrior medal even though i supposed to fulfill the requirements.






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might be the server lag, thinking that you both capped at the same time. But from the XP screen it looks like the server did not have that problem. Send ticket

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