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I Feel loss credit reward from patch compare 0.5.9

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I reach to service levels7 tomorrow befor update patch 0.5.9 and get reward about 3,000,000 credit


But In Patch 0.5.9 if you reach to level7, you will get reward about 7,000,000 credit.


So I'm feel loss credit from playing in old patch.





I think Wargaming should compensate credit for new player that not reach to level12 befor update patch

Edit. I mean summary from level1-7 get 7M credits


leve2 got 500k

level3 got 500k

level4 got 1M

level6 got 2M

level7 got 3M

Total = 7M




But in older patch total credits from level1-7 is 3M


leve2 got 200k

level3 got 300k

level4 got 500k

level6 got 1M

level7 got 1.5M

Total = 3M


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Since when they give 7m credits? Maximum credit reward for leveling up is around 3m if I recall correctly 

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Level  Required amount of EXP  Unlocked Feature  Reward 
1 Co-op Battles -
2 150  Tech Tree 500,000 Credits
3 600  Random Battles 500,000 Credits
4 1,250 Daily Missions 1,000,000 Credits
5 2,500 Free Experience 3,000 Free EXP
6 4,000 Upgrades 2,000,000 Credits
7 6,000 Ship Commanders 3,000,000 Credits
8 7,500 Signal Flags 25 of each signal flags: Sierra Mike, November Echo Setteseven, Victor Lima, India X-Ray, Juliet Whiskey Unaone, India Delta, India Yankee, Juliet Yankee Bissotwo, Juliet Charlie, November Foxtrot
9 15,000 Camouflages 100 of Type 5 Camouflages
10 15,000 Challenges and Missions 1 Day Premium Time
11 30,000 Ranked Battles 5,000,000 Credits
12 40,000 Team Battles

50 of Damage Control Party II consumables

25 of each consumables: Engine Boost II, Smoke Generator II, Torpedo Tubes Reloading System II, Catapult Fighter II, Spotting Aircraft II, Repair Party II, Hydroacoustic Search II, Surveillance Radar II, Defensive AA Fire II



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Oh you mean the total credits you were supposed to get is 7 mil yea?



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