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Takes longer than 5 mins to get game. Deliberately.

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So for the last few months my Hermelin has been taking a solid 5 minutes each time to get a match. Today I waited 6 minutes 22 seconds (See attached screenies) for a game vs one other player. When I get them it is usually just the two of us, me vs him. So, what, there are ONLY TWO???? players playing your tier 1 games? IF that is the case, then your game is obviously dying. But of course it isn't is it ? What is happening is that when it searches for people in "My Range" (See pointless loading screen that displays number that have NO bearing whatsoever on what you will see in battle), I and only one other person are in "Same range". That's because if you have any experience on the type, it only lets you see people of same level. (Range). Obviously, the intent is to stop newbies coming up against people with experience on the type at lower levels.

Now I get that. There is only one problem. If the intent is to stop seal clubbers increasing their W/R, it doesn't work. When I get a one on one, or two on one, I am almost guaranteed a win. My Herme's range is 10km or so. I would actually stand LESS of a chance playing 15 vs 15, as I haven't got eyes in the back of my head.

What's more, there is an obvious issue with the fact that tier 1 ships are issued with a captain, who gains experience.  What is the point of that? If my Hermelin and other tier 1 captains CAN  get the 20% in gun range at skill level 4, why screw me over?

Either allow all tier 1 ships to see all, or stop playing both sides of the fence and take captains away from tier 1 ships. It gives the false impression that you want people to improve that ship.

Only thing is, and this is why this is posted both in general discussions, and the bug reports sections, is that I actually want to know for sure how the "Range" thing actually works... Moderator? Testers? Is it my captian's skill level, or MY general rating, that makes the game wait for 6 minutes to finds someone. It apparently only occurs in tier 1. When I do tier 2, no wait.


Many of you will simply come back with the typical trolling response of "Don't play tier 1"  but the problem is, dear people, that just like in WoT, that is where a great deal of the fun is. I have little interest in playing tier 8-10 games where it costs me and arm and a leg to play, whilst at the same time managing, incredibly effectively, to drain every last bit of fun out of it. Can someone tell me, for sure, what filter is used on players in tier 1 matches. And does anyone have a solution as to how player can use Hermes and other good tier 1 ships without said wait?


Duplicate post. Thread locked.




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