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If your own Teamy destroys you

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Just wondering the protocol on this


It went like this


[content removed] and I touch, I chat big hugs..he shots me, I thought that was a bigger hug shot reply in kind


[content removed] lays into me so I turn away (being the bigger man) but I look at him and think...hmmm I think I'll get him another tap . 

[content removed] isn't happy one little bit with this so gives it to me till I die.


I'm not an aggressive person and who could be upset with a boy named [content removed], really, I had a bit of a chuckle, I do have the replay but doubt it's of much interest.


Just saying as this was my first encounter with a nutter in 2,200 battles



I see [content removed] hasn't done a lot of battles and I forgive him completely, he is a firey young one, beit ever so misdirected.



Naming & shaming. Post edited, thread locked, user warned.



Edited by amade

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this is the protocol-


1) In this forum there is no naming of players like your new little mate, no matter how bad their behavior is. 

2) Even if he shoots first, do not shoot back. Let him be the one to accumulate 'pinky points', not you. 

3) If you wish, you may report 'special players' by sending replays to support.



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that's natural especially when you met a low tier or new players and what you did was putting gas in fire. you already know it's a low tempered player but you still bother it the second time instead of just letting it be. 

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