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Lock-on for CVs

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Surface ships have a lock-on feature for their main batteries. It gives an 'accuracy' bonus and a different Field of View to how the shells will land with respect to the locked on target. Changing the target lock just requires the use of the "X" key or it transfers automatically with enough seconds elapsed.


CV suggestions are a lot and majority are drastic. Personally, I can't visualize where WG wants to take CV gameplay, but this is more of a band-aid or at least a small improvement to CV UI.


Now, for the actual suggestion.

Lock-on for CV would not give an accuracy bonus for DBs and the like, it's more for information.(They could give an Accuracy bonus if they'd like). A locked-on target, would be recognized and all the CV's plane squadrons will show the distance from the locked-on target. It's a big help in recognizing AA bubbles of ships and would also help in scouting missions. In order to lock on, simply hover the mouse pointer towards the target surface ship and press "X". It's a pretty small feature that I myself wouldn't mind having.


Locking-on with a CV should only apply to surface ships, or maybe fortifications(Bastion Mode). Applying it to planes may be overkill. Also, it shouldn't be automatically activated as to not cause confusion when controlling multiple squads going for different targets. It is also not mandatory and is for information use only.




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