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CV upgrade suggestion

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there's changes on upgrade of BB,CA, and dd but no CV? i like to propose some upgrade to increase the performance of CV


1st slot:

1. CV AA upgrade: nobody uses this upgrade so i suggest some buff

increase range of AA by 25% and AA DPS by 10%


2. fighter interceptor upgrade- fighter gets faster at cost of lighter armor, useful for catching faster to enemy attack planes but reduce their ability to dog-fight enemy fighter.

reduce hp of fighter by 10%-15% but increase its speed by 10%-15%


2nd slot:

emergency sortie upgrade: dramatically reduce servicing time of fighter aircraft by 20% will increase up to 40% if a 1 squadron get wipe.(does not stock when you lose more than 1) now AS cv can put more fighter in air faster.


aircraft service upgrade:

deduce servicing time for dive bombers and torpedo bombers and increase their HP by 10%


3rd slot: i forgot what kinds of upgrades for cv are here?


4th slot:


1. advance fire prevention 1: decrease the fire chance by 15%-20% and cv can only set fire on 3 or 2 location.

fires are too devastating for cv. not only they receive 40% damage(twice from other ship type) it also negate their ability to launch or retrieve their planes


5th slot:


1. advance fire control: reduce the length of fire by 30% and allows planes to land and launch when there are only 1 fire but with penalty of additional 5-10 to their launching and landing time. (increasing it to 15-20s but at lease they can launch and land planes) they wont able to launch their planes when there are more than 1 fires.


6th slot:

plane concealment upgrade: -20% detection range of dive bombers and torpedo bombers. instead of concealing your ship, why not choose to conceal your planes making them able to sneak attack and improve their chance dealing more devastating attack.


air craft acquisition upgrade. increase planes Los by 20% and cv can detect planes 40% farther. for AS cv who loves to hunt planes.


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Sneak attack consumable, I like this idea, At least it would give one chance to attack a USN battleship or a AA armed to the teeth cruiser. Torpedo bombers do attack ships by doing a very low level run just a few metres above the ocean surface, under the radar. Dive bombers would swoop up at the last minute.


To expand this idea you could have an "Out of the Sun" consumable so players can have options, this would be a buff for fighter concealment.


CA consumable vs CV consumable - balance - skill for deployment

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