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Commanders skill's level 19 and onwards

commanders skills levels  

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  1. 1. Should commanders be able to grow to level 20

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I have read the arguments for and against commanders gaining levels above 18 and most of them centre around people thinking that it makes a ship to op , I tend to disagree and suspect they are mistaking an individual players skill with that particular ship (bearing in mind he has probably played around 1000 games in it) for the bonus's the levels give.


I personally would like to see a player receiving a tangible reward for playing a ship he enjoys (lets face it you wouldnt play more than 1000 games in a ship you didnt enjoy) and rely on matchmaker to even the teams as I am sure win/lose ratio is part of the composition of teams here are my suggestions

1/ tier 19 is available with 500,000 xp tier 20 with 750,000

2/ a fully researched ship could have an option for free xp to go to commander alike WOT has

3/ A while back the 3 signal flags that represented xp were for sale as a bundle from the premium shop would be nice if this floated through as a special on a monthly or bi monthly basis


I knew a guy in World of Tanks that ground his cromwell crew to complete 7 levels at 100% he played and loved that tank so much but in real terms his win loss ratio wasnt as good as my cromwell where the crew was only on its 3rd skillset so I reiterate I think a lot of what is called op relates to individual skill with the ship

example Yamato vs Montana in a staight up gun fight the yamato should win but a montana player who knows the strengths of his ship will often win or stalemate a yamato although I actually think he should let a dd kill the yamato and make sure no cruisers kill the dd while it is doing it


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I'm still a no, even though your argument for player skill is quite well written (a rarity on the forums).


The complete set of commanders skills in tanks don't have as great an impact as the skills from ships.

Although both have the complimentary take this just to use a point skills, I'd not want to see a Montana or Yamato with both the AA and Secondaries builds available.  Making the player chose between them is an in game limiter on how OP a ship can get to.


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