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Why IJN CV is cheaper than US CV?

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I got comparisons between the CV Line of the US and the IJN because IJN is somewhat cheaper than the US ones (except for saipan, it's mostly the same for the IJN CV )

Lexington got more expensive price than the Shokaku

For the planes, they only cost about 3k (US has 5k, that's too expensive lol)

And i realized that the IJN CVs repairs are much cheaper, USN CVs give more money to waste.


IV - V -> Cheaper (IJN), Expensive (US)

VI - VII -> still cheap (IJN), Getting more expensive with repairs (US)

VIII - X -> As long as your planes won't die, they won't give you much waste of money (IJN), Repairs are a hassle (US)


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According to this, Repair costs between the two CV lines are similar, if not identical.


As for vanilla-stock purchase price:


*< indicates cheaper

** Data from Wargaming wiki

Hosho > Langley

Zuiho < Bogue

Hiryu = Ranger

Shokaku < Lexington

Taiho < Essex

Hakuryu < Midway


By all means dear sir, please do your research.

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i died when i saw this :D


If your stock price is cheaper, surely that will be covered through upgrade/module prices. Compare the prices of fully upgraded ships including all module and upgrade costs.

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