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Please join me in a new Fleet-wide safety initiative.

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This morning I had to make a decision.

I'm sure most of you are aware of the current Pokemon craze ... at the start of this week some of my officers began reporting a lot more minor injuries among their crewmembers (concussions, cuts, bruises etc) after a short inquiry into some of the accidents reveals they we're almost exclusively caused by inattentiveness (walking into bulkheads, each other etc) while trying to catch said Pokemon.

then came the slightly more annoying reports of system failures (a jigglypuff on the radar antennae, a squirtle blocking a toilet and some sort of noxious gas in the mess hall)


Today things became dangerous when a Pikachu caused havoc in the fire control room on HMS Warspite and a Charmander was seen just meters away from Iowa's powder magazine.


So as of 13:00 hours today I have banned all playing of Pokemon aboard all of my ships (except Mikasa ... I can afford to lose that one)

All pokemon will be shot on sight ... Any crewman caught attempting to catch instead of kill pokemon on sight will also be shot.


I urge you to implement this safety directive aboard your vessels before a serious accident occurs.

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Somehow i cant turn my Torpedo Launcher


My Torpedo Crew come to the bridge and said


"There are 3 rare pokemon here!!!"


*Cue the order 227*



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