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Light vs Heavy. Should there be a tier cap?


Personally I'd like to see Light Cruisers like the Emden - not the WWI variety - to be capped at tier VIII whereas your Heavy Cruiser like the Deutschland would be capped at tier IX but still capable of venturing into tier X battles. For WoT reference I'm calling a Light Cruiser a 'medium' vehicle and a Heavy Cruiser..well a 'heavy' vehicle.


Some numbers for support:


Emden: 8 x 15cm and 3 x 8.8cm guns along with four 20 inch torpedo tubes.


Deutschland: 6 x 28cm guns ( in triple turrets ) and 8 x 15cm guns along with eight 21 inch tubes.


Then I look at the armour. 2 inches around the belt on Emden and 3.1 inches on the Deutschland. You can use those numbers as a general idea of how most nations armed and protected their light and heavy cruisers, I'm not going to post data about every individual cruiser of the time. Speeds and displacement I find irrelevant when trying to find the right tiering for a vessel.


Thoughts, criticisms welcome.



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Alpha Tester
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to help out the smaller ship there are not going to be 15 players per side like WoT, instead they are going to have 15 slots per side a 1x CV takes 1 slot.

1x BB/BC takes up 1 slot, but 2x cruisers take up 1 slot and 4x DD's take up 1 slot. (or numbers along that line) 


from pre-release wiki. you can see they have Deutshland class in at teir4 BB line. (would prefer if it was in cruiser line).

~~Germany - KM¶
  Unknown Line Unknown Line
II Nassau Class  
III Helgoland Class  
IV Kaiser Class.    Deutschland Class
V König Class .   P Class
VI Bayern Class 
VII Scharnhorst Class
VIII Bismarck Class
IX H39 
X H41

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