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Having multiple ships of the same class

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So what I want is: to be able to purchase the same ship multiple times or be able to swap between builds. Say my Fletcher, I want to have one with a gun build and the other with torpedo build. Also my DM, I want to have THREE different builds, one will have faster ROF with slower turning torrets, probs better for support, one with less ROF but very fast torret trasverse so I can have more mobility in combat, and finally an AA build. I ain't gonna spend 100 gold everytime I wanna change my build alright, the only ships I can do this with rn are the ARP ships. Myoko for mobility, Haguro for firepower and later Ashigara for supportive roles


Hope what I said was clear enough for everyone to understand

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I object the idea of multiple ships in same class (unless they have different specification/loadout, like 280mm Scharnhorst vs 380mm Gneisenau).


However, I support the idea of being able to have different sets of equipments on the ship without having to spend gold to demount equipments.

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