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The salty players dream came true :D (I came back from the future :3)

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When the salty enemy is KIA, the Salty player uses the all purpose consumable "Sodium Chloride", as a result greatly increasing the density of the ocean (What am I think... Time to take it up a notch) Forming a salt platform that the player replenishes, as the result allowing the players boat to continue as a beached fortress.


Historical accuracy: On the final battle of the Yamato, the sailors on the almighty Yamato cried their salty tears forming an island which allowed the Yamato to proceed to destroy the Allied fleet. As a result of this act, the American President has no choice but to use the ultimate move of "Nuking it from orbit" with the 1 of the 3 bombs built during the Manhattan Project. As the American's could not allow the world to know of such an Overpowered tactic, they claimed that the bombs was used for testing, which is a [Edited] [Edited] [Edited] [Edited] [Edited] [Edited] [Edited] [Edited] [Edited] [Edited] lie.


During battle, when a Unicum player appears, the Salty players then uses the all purpose consumable "Sodium Chloride", turning the Ocean into a semi solid state. The sailors then jump off the ship rushing across the ocean shouting different things respective to their country. Russian "Rush B", American "NOOBS" (Couldn't think of anything XD), German "I WANT TO PLAY UNREAL TOURNAMENT!!!11" (If you get this, say the origin below XD), Japanese "Banzai!!", Chinese "EAT THE BOAT!!!1". They then board to boat and kill their opponent with salt.


Historical Accuracy: Russians solidified the ocean in order to rush B storm the Aurora to deal with its unicum players.

Historical Accuracy: Evidence of killing enemies with salt. 




Have a battleship potato



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Now I'm pondering how I could reply to this post.


If only this were NA, then you could smell the salty breeze.


But here? Only a token *cough* few *cough.


We're rich in resources than in the other Servers :trollface:

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