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So, How many did you guys has been sail an island of fire instead of Battleship.

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So, this happens to me a lot of times when I'm playing with unmanvuerable ships like Battleships and these ships with fast gun reload and  more if comes to Russian destroyer, try to extinguish the fire will make you feel unconfortable while not extinguish it quickly could make you more worrier. A cruiser with fast reload not or with high fire set chance not worring enough because they easily spotted unless smokescreen but DD can invsifire from smoke which annoying. So, sometimes RNGesus not quite in mood where you could get like 100% fire set where like every HE shell come to you will set you on fire. Mind anyone share me thier story about this fire stuff ? .r1beW8Y.gif


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*laughs* 80k damage to a Yamato through fire, admittedly I was in a Moskva :P

All I could think everytime he put out a fire was 'Time to start another fire'


Don't think he was very happy at me :trollface:

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