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What is the pros/cons of IJN,USN,Kriegsmarine and the USSR ships?

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I've started playing recently and have reached T5 Kongou,Minekaze and Furutaka but I'm not satisfied with their pea gun and paper armor, then when I play USN ships, I miss the torpedo,the Kriegsmarine and USSR ship stats degrade with each tier, so I'm pretty confused between all this stuff and I don't know what should I stick with, perhaps some Pro/cons of them will help me choose.


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I can provide some insight on IJN and Soviet ships to begin with,I'm gonna generalize the whole line instead of commenting on each ships. Plus Armor is kinda meh on all ships at the tier you're playing now (Cleveland the exception).


I think T10's here are a special case in most of the lines.


Japanese Cruisers have alright armor till T9 (Zao is good) and best HE.He is their bread and butter. Best of all concealment and agile.


Japanese battleships are snipers. Use the range and the accuracy to your advantage.(Yamato is special)


Soviet Cruisers are very poorly armored but have laser quick guns and with both good HE and AP and have very good range tier to tier (Moskva is the best armored cruiser in game)


Soviet DD's are actually light cruisers that have higher concealment than other DD's but are faster and have those soviet laser quick guns. Torps are bad till tier 8.


USN dd's are Destroyer hunters and can do both the roles of a Torpedo Boat and a Gun Boat starting T8.


You can try all of them and see what suits you're play style better. I'm speaking from playing these lines and having got to T10 in them or atleast T9.

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There are differences between classes of ships of different nations.


I'll try to give an overview, based on personal experience. I'm grinding all regular tech trees except IJN carriers. This is what I've noticed so far (I'm still at tier 6 personally, so can't say anything about those on tier 8 and up):


US BBs up to the Colorado are slow, lumbering, armored beasts. Their gun ranges are meh, but have better armor compared to their IJN counterparts.


US cruisers are more of gunboats/AA boats. Their AP shells are not as good as the Germans and the Russians, but they got better HE shells than them.


IJN DDs are more of torpedoboats, meant to drop torps while unseen by the enemy. IJN DDs and cruisers have the best torps (damage-wise) compared to their other counterparts.


US CVs are good at air superiority.


German cruisers are good AP spammers. Their armor is not good, but they have higher concealment than Russian cruisers. And they move slow compared to other cruisers.



You can try all of them and see what suits you're play style better.


And this one too. I started wanting to get the Yamato, but  ended up loving the US BB grind instead (still grinding for the Yamato though, but I love using New York than the Kongo :D). 

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