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Secondary Battery Bug in 0.5.8?

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I was playing around with a Roon on Public Test, fully geared up for secondaries and noticed something consistently wrong with my battle results. My playstyle in these matches was idiotic and suicidal brave and dashing, making sure my secondaries got every opportunity to perform. And they did perform. Sort of.


The Roon captain has BFT, AFT, and Manual Secondary Control. The ship has Secondary Range and Dispersion module fitted. Lots of shells were fired and quite a lot of hits were scored - between one-third and one-half in most battles. Pretty good! But the damage was nowhere to found. Fires, too, were inexplicably rare. Roon has, perhaps, the most powerful array of secondary guns of any cruiser in the game and this lack of performance was very disappointing.


So I gallivanted off to the Training Room and did a test on my mighty Roon versus an inactive Baltimore bot. My Roon parked alongside at 1.6km, both ships positioned in full broadside, and I opened up my secondaries. Battle result:




During the test it was immediately obvious that the secondaries were aiming at the waterline. Lots of shells (virtually all the misses) splashed into the water with very few striking the Baltimore anywhere close to the deck, let alone the superstructure. Is this a bug or are these guns not supposed to work at close range?

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Another test, identical to the first except the range is now 4.4km:



Somehow........... once you mix AFT (Advanced Firing Training) and MFCS (Manual Fire Control for Secondary) it causes some glitching to occur

TL;DR There's an issue to this one, if you mix them a bug will sometimes occur


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