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MOD Request

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Hi everyone,


I request a very simple mod which can MOD flag of Midway(Ranked battle commemorative flag) into flag of my country INDIA



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It's easy to make it.

But  flag texture is changed frequently, whenever update. It's too bother to make it only for you.

So, I think you should make it your own.


At first, acquire way to unpack .pkg files. (See these guids in forum. 1 2)

Flag texture is containd in <version>/content/gameplay/common/flags/flags.dds

And  acquire way to edit .dds files.

Search with "dds edit", a lot of sights expound it.



Next, needs flag graphics.

I made flag graphic an even size for replacement. INDIA-Flag_forWoWS.zip

This set includes National Flag of INDIA, current Indian Naval Ensign, and original PSD file.



Open current virsion flags.dds and replace objective flag.

(my Rising Sun Flag MOD for your information)


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