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Why should I be punished for trying to get rid of [Redacted]?

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>tier 10 top, Mountain Range

>shimakaze, roon and me getting beaten up by 2 DM and 2 khava right in front of a cap

>zao behind ally montana and yamato

>I call him a sniper, no response

>continues sniping behind BBs

>circles turn red

>one of the enemy DM dying

>Zao tries to KS and moves forward

>couldn't stand the BS so I tried to kill him

>I get shiny new pink nickname, honor to pay fine and free ticket back to the port by self destruction.

>loses anyway, because 1 of 3 tier 10 cruisers literally did nothing whatsoever. 


Bloody hell, I was doing service to the team. This does not make sense.


Please, for the love of god, stop sniping.

This is not Counter-Strike nor some sort of orange crap throwing catapult simulator.

It's a team game. You don't sit idly by when teammates are dying or caps are being taken away.


Inappropriate language in title. Post title edited, user warned.


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Team-killing is completely against the EULA, specifically Section 5 of the Game Rules. There are absolutely no circumstances that justify these actions.


Topic locked.

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