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Rebalance High Tier Cruisers.

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Like i said in the title, high tier Cruisers should be rebalance because they are too strong even with Battleships - their counterpart, they have high RoF (Super High with Des Moines), their HE shell damage is too powerfull (AP with Hindenburg, even can penetrade a Battleship), their accuracy is high, even their firing range is large (even larger than some high tier Battleship) and they have the Incoming Fire Alert Captain's skill, alow them to dodge long range shot from Battleship and spam back toward us. Don't you see it? High tier Cruisers now is too Imbalance, we Battleship suppose to counter them but now, we can't hit them because they can dodge and only with 3 salvo they can cause about 15k damage equal with an citadel hit by Yamato, not event mention the super high chance of causing Fire. When i play the Yamato, i really feel hopeless, i can't run, i can't hide, i can't hit then what should i and every Battleships player should do in the high tier match? Be a practice target for every other shiptype to shot? So i really realy hope that you make high tier Cruisers rebalance. 

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