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Magazine modification 1

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Err magazine modification 1 as compensation for my main battery mod 1? Seriously? Just give me a full refund or the main armament mod 1. You have less that 1% chance of being detonated, like seriously look at how many battles I have had and how many times I got detonated. Barely ever. One of them was even from an allied torpedo (it was a kinda derpy situation) but come on devs, I can just put on the flag that makes you 100% immune to detonation. Unless the new DD armour model makes them easy to detonate, I don't see how this is useful. Maybe when you guys finally put the HMS Hood in the game

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yawn you should post here



There is no really good reason to rant something that hasn't come yet

and in case you are not reading well 

Added Upgrades:
  • Main Armaments Modification 1 (-20% to the risk of the main battery and torpedo tubes becoming incapacitated; +50% to main battery and torpedo tubes survivability)
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If you looked carefully, your main battery/torpedo tubes mod.1 gonna be replaced by a joint variant of both.

Magazine mod will be given for free, based on how many main battery/torp tubes mod.1 u have. It's basically free stuff btw, you're not losing anything.


Atleast what's how I read and understand it.

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