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Concerning update 0.5.7

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Dear Captains!


We’ve grown concerned with some of the data and feedback we’ve received during and after the Public Test for version 0.5.7. Therefore, we’ve decided to postpone the release of the patch by 1 week and introduce further changes to the 3 points of major concern.


Secondary Armament modernization changes

Initially we felt that secondaries would be strong enough after we had fixed the accuracy bug that had plagued them for a long time, so the change was meant to balance out the gained effectiveness. Statistics also tell us that comparatively few players used these modules and only did so on very specific ships. However, we did not consider the fact that this would make certain builds obsolete and force users to totally re-specialize their ships and commanders. While such changes are still bound to happen in a game like ours, we want them to be entirely your decision based on an amount of equal choices and added variety – not because we took one of those choices away. We’ll take another look at this and other planned modernization changes in the next days and rethink our approach.


Removal of Standard Battle from top tiers

While we believe it’s better for the game in general, we agree that it also feels like we’re taking a part of gameplay away. We’ve decided to instead reduce the chance for players to encounter it, but we will keep this mode available in high-tier battles.


Cyclone weather preset spreading to more maps

You’ve raised concerns that this change feels like favoritism towards destroyers and their gameplay style. Previously, the chance to draw the North map with Cyclone active while playing high-tiers was in the region of 7%, while in 0.5.7, the overall chance to play Cyclone on any map will increase only by a very small amount. The chance for destroyer captains to totally dominate the match-maker and the battlefield will not be significantly higher than it is now, but the overall variety of map and gameplay environments will increase.


While the decision to postpone the patch was a hard one, we remain committed to incorporating your feedback into the development of World of Warships. Please bear with us on this one and go sink some ship in the meantime.


Action Stations!


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