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CV Bug - Planes cant takeoff or land as if CV were on fire

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Issue:   Plane cant land or take off while CV is not on fire



Ship: Independence
Map: Ocean
Occurrences:  It just occurred to me so I came in to report, only once so far
Tested: Not without the help of training mode
Severity: Rendered game unplayble

My CV was hit by 2 enemy bombers squadrons one by one, I instantly used Repair when first one hit me and caused 3 fires, then the second squadron hit me, while Repair is still in effect no fire was ignited but after that my planes cant land or take off. I tried to ask my teammates and enemy to shoot me with HE, but till I die no fire was caused nor can I use repair once the CD is finished since there is no critical to repair.

I think it's a bug that both repair and fire are tweaked.




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Beta Tester
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Experienced it too. Right after repair the fire, can't land nor take off for the rest of the game. Very very frustrating when you can't even defend yourself.

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