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Running WoWS on Linux as a newbie be like

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1. Running the game directly from download file & using Wine:


2. Running the game through PlayOnLinux:


aaKbHME.png-Average FPS: 0,5-1 FPS

-PC Spec (Desktop):


GTX 750 TI

Pentium G3250 (Haswell)

-OS: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


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The WG team really needs to improve this state of linux.

meanwhile, my regrets to your sad gameplay.

Also, this happened with a good desktop. WHAT IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!?

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The game was never developed for Linux (or Mac). The first and biggest problem is the Direct X system, it is owned by MS, and is only allowed to work with Microsoft endorsed products/software. Allowing Linux or Apple to use it with in their systems would be suicide for MS.


Playonlinux will run WoWS, but you have to build the system manually, pain full at first, but once running, it runs well. The only drawback is that POL will only emulate up to an early version of DX9, and because this is being run through a wrapper (Wine, POL) you take on more system resources to achieve the same thing.


Good to see people are trying to get WoWS to run on linux though. Good work, keep it up. 

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