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There must be something wrong with the distribution system

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Well,I always can join in an game with 11 players in my team and 13 in the other team ,why?How long can Wargaming fix this bug,too imbalance.

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I've had a few of these, and if you look very closely at the tier spread you'll find that the 11 team side have the more higher tiers. 


In my match we had 4 tier 5's (Kongo's / New Yorks)
The rest were t4 / 3 cruisers and dd's


On the other side, they had 2 T5 BB's, and mostly t4 / 3 cruisers and DD's. They had more ships thou, two more... may not seem like much but it made a difference. 

In the course of the battle, they worked together, they focus fired on our t5's including me and by the 8 min mark they were 6 and we were three. 

We won, but it was only because their DD played scared, left the battle to allow 2 tier 4 battleships (Ark and a Wyoming) to cap while he tried to cap our point. 

I'm actually a big fan of it, changes the play, strategy and makes the side with 11 ships play smarter

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Yup... this still happens and you can blame it all on divisions. I just had one the other day and we still won with 11v13, many divisions in one game will do that to you, however like TC said above, we had higher tier ships but 2 less soo...:coin:


On the bright side this happened all the time during the closed beta so it's still currently very rare to encounter a 11v13 battle and when you do its because there's not enough people in queue or a lot of divisions in queue. 

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it happens dont worry its not a bug the number of players depends what time you start playing 

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