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WOWS Meet The Live Streamers

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Here you can find a list of players in our community who go the extra mile in order to help other players. These players are known for their helpful advice on the forums, their excellent video guides and interactive livestreams!


Eurobeat (Live Streamer / Video Contributor)






Lengxv6 (Live Streamer / Video Contributor / Moderator)

Check out the Streaming time: Lengxv6 Thread


I am Lenard, AKA lengxv6. I served with the Royal Australian Navy for 21 years as a Combat System Operator (Radar Plotter for the old types), and am now retired from the military life.  
I have been playing games since the days of the Vic 20 up to the Amiga’s, then played off and on during my Naval Career, only getting back into the gaming scene as my retirement began.
I restarted by playing WoT, and progressed from there, having accounts now in WoWP, WoTB, WoTG, MoO and of course WoWS.

In WoWS, I am one of the Moderators (forum and in-game) A super Test Co-Ordinator, I also help with getting the various forum competitions running.
Now after all that, I have started down the path of Live Streaming and Videos, currently working on my Scrub Iron Flotilla series focusing on the lower tier premiums.


I can be found on:
Youtube: - https://www.youtube.com/user/lengxv6
Twitch:-   http://www.twitch.tv/lengxv6






MajorRage (Live Streamer / Video Contributor)


I love the game and making videos to get others to play and encourage others to play more and get better due to internet restrictions (being in Australia) I'm unable to live stream to twitch but soon as they upgrade ill be going back to it.


Also i love to make videos of mods for the game, some of my more popular vids are the early anime mods for wows 

I'm also a Community Contributor for WoT, with a consistent series called Monday Night Replays (where i get others to send in replays and ill record them for youtube, I have been wanting to do the same for WoWs "call it Wednesday Night Warships" but have found it hard to get people to send in replays.

If I have missed anything please feel free to ask.





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Eurobeat's not only making waves in ASIA server. Even players from other servers like his videos. :):honoring:


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The Eurobeat guide's are very gooding 


Really information with some humor put on it, its really enjoy to watch.

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