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Bug, hack or really unlucky RNG?

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I was just in a game playing a Fubuki and scored TWO torpedo hits against a Farragut that had already taken between 10 to 15% damage. And it survived. Fubuki torpedoes do 17233 damage and a upgraded Farragut has 11500 hit points. How the <bleep> did he survive TWO torpedo hits?


Note: The torpedoes struck about 8km away so it wasn't an arming distance problem.

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Damage either absorbed by a module (if you saw a module destruction icon), or you depleted all the HP in one of it's ship sections (thus doing no further damage).

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no bug,

no hack,

just a lucky faragut


that torps hit the part that already saturated.

means that part has NO MORE hp.

like the bow that has already battered out

or BB, super structure that has already burn out.

if the part already saturated. they will not receive any damage from HE shell/torp


well its like when u shoot HE at battered BB, u will find sometimes the HE shell hit, but didn't inflict any damage



even tough they didn't take any damage directly

any flood/fire that inflicted to them will still doing its hp drain effect just fine.

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