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About Upcoming Premium Ship Additions & More

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 I have just received word that there will be a new line up of ships for our in-game tech tree on the next update to version 0.5.6. A premium ship that you may have missed, is going to be available for purchase in game in our upcoming tech tree changes. New ships will be as follows:


You're gonna have to wait till 0.5.6 goes live before you can buy them with doubloons.

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1.yes, all ship that is available in the tech tree can be bought with doubloon, same as WoT

2. You can compare the price from the already available premi ship in the current tech tree, the ammount difference may vary but not far AFAIK


3. Bonus. Tirpitz noticeably more expensive than Atago which mean buying destroyer is the most economical purchase

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Don't forget the premium ships sold in the tech tree does NOT come with a port slot, unlike most of the packages sold in the Gift Shop. So if you do not have a free pot slot, remember to add doubloons price for a port slot to the price of the ship you are thinking of buying.

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Mikhail Kutuzov
10,250 Doubloons



6,500 Doubloons


5,150 Doubloons


4,800 Doubloons


4,550 Doubloons


1,650 Doubloons


1,650 Doubloons


1,500 Doubloons


950 Doubloons



So get your wallet ready



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Still would appreciate an answer from WG Staff. 


With all due respect, is there something wrong with the answers you may receive on here by the general forum population, to request a response specifically from WG Staff only?


Firstly you'll find that the people who are kindly answering your questions are (generally) very familiar with what goes on in the game and possible future content. Secondly they are providing sources directly from WG Staff or from the WoWS websites. WG Staff will only say the same things as what has already been said by the general population already.


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The reason I asked for an answer directly from WG Staff is very simple.. Regardless of your 100s or 1000s of hours spent in this game (which I envy and respect), if you are not WG staff then you are a customer just like me.


WG have already stated it though, and everyone else is just repeating those statements:



 ships for our in-game tech tree

 There's the answer you are looking for, again, straight from WG.



These are the gold prices, which are universal among servers, so those are completely accurate for this region.

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