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change target bug? (X key) or working as inteded?

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Issue:  when alternative battle interface tick in settings menu x key lock weapons instead of change target.

Screenshots: N/A
Ship: Destroyer/cruiser with torpedoes
Map: ANY
Occurrencesevery time
Tested: able to reproduce
Severity: its annoying specially when i'm trying to pick target for my torpedoes
Details:  when you tick the "alternative battle interface" in the settings menu and you hit X key, the weapons lock even without hitting alt key. its really annoying specially when i'm on a destroyer and trying to pick ideal targets for my torpedo, i have to change to guns to lock on that target then change back to torpedoes so i can lock on my ideal target.

oh wait, now i remember, i believe its not working as intended because game don't close when you hit F4 key when you are doing those radio commands or whatever they are really called e.g: affirmative.

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once again i will post this :
have u tried to delete -> preferences.xml


this is basic troubleshooting


btw, are u sure u dont press any other key beside (X)?

as for me. (X) change the target just fine, whether its gun or torp

as for locking the weapon, u need extra key for that.

[ctrl]+(X) for example.

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