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Another day of crappy MM

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WTF is this shit?? and the server has 11k ppl online when this happened. WHY?

I guess that 1 extra T8 CA in our team can do the magic and finish off their T8 BB 



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I'm confused, you have more top tiered than they do (1) and one more lower tier and if my adding up is correct the total tiers matches? Don't both teams have a total of 87 tiers? I can understand if this was your first few games with the Fuso, but otherwise it seems fair to me. Am I missing something





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Matchmaking explained.

0.5.3.x matchmaking

General matchmaking system


  • Queue : queue of players waiting to get into battle
  • Battle group : players selected from the queue to fight in a battle
  • Team : players of a battle group selected to be on the same team
  • Ship weight : relative performance of a ship in a battle on the basis of which the matchmaking system divides the battle group into teams.
  • Matchmaking system : algorithm that selects players from the queue and puts them into a battle group, which is then divided into teams

Ship weight : at tier one, ship weight equals 1000 points, every further tier is increased by 1.315 times the value of the previous tier.

In practice, this means that a tier 10 ship has more or less the same weight as a tier 7 and a tier 8 ship put together. Ship classes on a given tier have the same weight. CV’s have a little more weight and premiums, a little less.

  • The matchmaking system tries to put the same number of players on each team (except when there isn’t a lot of players online).
  • The matchmaking system doesn’t put more than 4 CV’s in a single battle.
  • The matchmaking system tries to put the same number of each ship class on each team, but it isn’t always successful at doing so.
  • The matchmaking system tries to perfectly mirror CV’s, in particular in regards to their tier.
  • The matchmaking system tries to put players into battles with other players of the same tier as far as possible if the player had several battles in a row with large discrepancies between ship tiers.
  • The matchmaking system tries to put same ships on each team (Gearing + Shimakaze vs Gearing + Shimakaze, not 2xGearing vs 2xShimakaze)

The matchmaking system doesn’t take into account :

  • modules (hull upgrades, range finder, etc.)
  • upgrades
  • captain skills
  • the player’s rating (any of them)
  • the number of top tier ships in teams (first in line to be fixed)


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Yeah, looks like a reasonably balanced tier 6-8 matchup to me.

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I'll also have to add that you have a top-tiered division on your side.

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I'll just share a picture I edited about 4 years ago for WoT.




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that;s now even bad . . . :fishpalm:. this is why every other players with legit complaint get smeared with "another useless rant post". gtfo mate.

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I don't get it.


It looks normal. You're using a Fuso in a T8 match, the poor sod on the other team will suffer the same way you'll be. Given the T6 in your team, your supposed T7 has been traded for 1 extra T8.

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Yeah that looks fine. There's always going to be games where one team has an extra BB or something.


The problem I'm having at the moment is the very unbalanced games in terms of ship types. Nearly every game I've played in the last couple of weeks has had very lop sided lineups. Mainly DD's. Instead of a team having an extra one, they may have an extra 2 or 3. Sometimes an extra 4 or as I experienced in one game 6! That was a really odd game. 6 DD's vs 1 in the same battle. And to make up for the discrepancy, the other team was stacked with CA's.

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Perfectly balanced MM..

whats wrong?

nothing wrong in there


why i say perfect

1. same amout of DD

2. only 1 differences the number of ship of other class

3. both same SAME amount of total tiers there : 87 vs 87.



the OP has title of BETA TESTER.

u should know how bizarre the MM was at beta/obt/first release


if u compare it to how MM work now..

its already improved so much that sometimes it so perfect (just like OP post) that sometime it reach into the point that the battle feels monotone.



btw. i also want to rant something......

can't u guys put the rant/whine about MM in one thread?

stop making thread over thread that contain : rant about MM, whine about MM, another rant about MM, yet another whine about MM

there are to much thread like this already >.>

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i can't see anything wrong in that pic that OP posted


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