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They did in Alpha and it was considered to be detrimental to common game play


Realism confirmed to have a negative impact on arcade games.

Other news at eleven:

- Torpedoes are painful

- WASD and left mouse for basic gaming experience

- Water is wet :o

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while your ship are tilting to other side, its also means our other side are rising and exposing vulnerable/unarmored parts where the citadel are kept, suddenly a random battleship points her cannons at that read area and dealing terrible terrible damage. after few second you find yourself back at the port.


iirc they fix this IRL by flooding the other side of the ship too. but it also mean it lower the ship buoyancy and can really affect its maneuverability . if you're a bb you don't wanted to have her movement became more sluggish than they already have.


just like what other says on top, its really not a good idea for an arcade game.

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