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Load To Die..

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Hi Guys,

I have a support ticket in and it seems the reply time isn't, well, 'timely' as I've been waiting some time for a fix..

So I'll bring it up here.. When a game for some random reason takes ages to load and you load to find your either dead, sinking, about to get sunk, on fire with under a 1000 hp or similar does the game automatically return your flags and spent credits etc on camo etc..


It certainly doesn't seem to and lately I've had a spate of fast fast fast (i.e. normal loading) then SLOOOOOOOWWWW where I load into imminent death and it is above all else making me think, "F'it, I'ma play something else where I don't have this happen".. After all this is my money you're using up and that's not cool...


So can anyone tell me what's going on here?


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Sometimes. It depends on your specs too. 


But i have a friend that have the same problem like you but his pc is an entry level specs. 


Probably try defragging?

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